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Summer Soap DIY Melt and Pour Soap Base Set 500g / DIY Soap Set / DIY Breastmilk Soap Set / DIY Handmade Soap Set
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DIY BABY BREAST MILK SOAP with 500g Melt & Pour Soap Base Starter Kit
You can make your own breast milk soap at home!
100% vegetable oils (NO animal fat!)
100% Alcohol Free
Easy to make, just MELT + add breast milk + POUR into mould.
Simple tutorial attached in picture.

250g clear soap base + 250g white soap base
2 silicone mould (randomly pattern)
1 silicone spatula (random colour)
1 measuring cup
1 soap foaming net
1 soap dish (random colour)
FREEBIES (given randomly for purchase of complete set): Pure Australia Essential Oil, Natural Base Oil, Natural Pigment Liquid, Cute Packaging

==if you buy soap base REFILL only, the above is NOT included==

The soap base pH is between 7-9 (distilled water is pH7)
The soap base melts at 70 Celsius.
Melting above 85 degree Celsius will create lots of air bubbles inside the soap, spray the top with rubbing alcohol to pop the bubbles.
If making MILK soap, DON'T overheat or the milk may scorch.

Recommended amount of additives is 3% to 10% (LESS is BETTER) of the soap base amount.
Add more if you like but BEWARE too much additive may cause the soap to turn funky (doesn't firm up, too wet, oily, sticky, grainy, separating etc).
REMEMBER to mix well

Some of the additives are:-
Skin-safe colourant
Skin-safe fragrance oil, Essential oil
Base Oil/ Butter (add a little to make the soap gentler on the skin; too much will reduce lather)
Other liquids (juice, milk, tea/ coffee, collagen, etc)
Sugar/ Salt (make sugar/ salt scrub soap)
Dried herbs or powder (rosemary, mint, pearl powder , charcoal powder etc)

**Beware of additives that will rot in short period of time eg. fresh fruit chunks/ fruit juices & BREAST MILK which will turn bad when not refrigerated. Make in small quantity & use up soon, it is so easy to make you can make more when the old batch is used up. Otherwise, wrap unused soaps & store in the fridge (see "storage" below).

Once the soap cooled down to room temp & firmed up (after about 1-3 hours) in the mould, remove the soap from mould & the soap is ready to use.
If not using soon, wrap the soap in cling film to prevent the soap from "sweating". High glycerin content in the soap will draw moisture from the air, which is good for the skin, but will cause "sweats" on the soap.

Expiry of the soap base is 36 months if kept in a cool, dry place away from light. If there are additives added to the soap, the soap expires when the additive expires.
If you are making BREAST MILK SOAP, make in small quantity. You can easily make more when needed.
Otherwise, unused soaps can be wrapped & stored in the cool place.

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