Summer Soap Flower Desiccant / Reusable Silica Gel Powder 500g 鲜花干燥剂 Dehumidifier / Moisture Absorber / Penyerap Kelembapan / for Electronics, Cosmetic
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Preserve lifetime memories and capture nature's transient beauty of flowers with Silica Gel flower drying compound

Specially designed with a very fine consistency,

it will absorb moisture without damaging flowers, altering the colors or changing their form

Preserve special wedding memories, make home décor and holiday decorations;

the process is simple, easy-to-use and fun; a great family project

Certified safe and non-toxic, Silica Gel is reusable and doesn't wear out, use it over and over again

Complete, easy, step by step instructions included; most flowers dry in 2-5 days,

use the microwave method to dry flowers in just a matter of hours


Item Type: Flower Silica Gel Powder 

Size: 500g

Quantity: 1 Bottle

Note: 1.Please allow 25g error due to manual measurement. pls make sure you do not mind before you buy.


Package includes:

1 x Bottle Flower Silica Gel Powder.


Q & A:


Q- How many flowers can be used in a bottle of desiccant, can it be reused several times?

A- Silica desiccant can dry 3-5 roses at a time, and it is used until the orange particles inside turn green.


Q-  Will dry flowers change their color?

A- Because the water inside the flower is ​​sucked out, the color will definitely become darker, especially if it is a dark flower, such as a deep red rose. It must be deeper,  The color of the multicolored roses is very small, and there is almost no chromatic aberration.  It is recommended to use the light colored flowers to make the flowers look better.


Q- How many days it need to dry the flowers?

A- Flowers need 2-5 days to dry (it depend on the thickness of the petal)


Q- How to save after drying?

A- First of all, pay attention to moisture prevention. It is recommended to find a sealed container. There can be enough desiccant in it. Because of the rainy weather, the air humidity is high, and the dried flowers are easily deformed by moisture and oxidized.  This will allow you to save for a long time.





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