Sumemr Soap Refined Palm Oil 1L 棕榈油
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Palm oil has been consumed for many years in West Africa. Its health benefits are numerous and still many yet to be discovered. It is the most widely produced vegetable oil in the world. Using palm oil on your skin and hair is very beneficial. Palm oil in cleansing soaps contain a special agent that helps to remove the dirt and restore the natural balance of skin oils, leaving the skin with a smooth, silky feeling.


Palm oil is primarily made up of palmitic acid and oleic acid. Palmitic acid is a saturated fatty acid that gives palm oil its semi-solid consistency and helps it form the protective film that reinforces the skin barrier. Oleic acid is a good emollient. This oil makes the skin soft, supple, and more radiant. Palm oil has properties that make it useful in food products (frying oil, margarine, etc.) and non-food products such as soaps, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and lipochemicals. Cosmetic use: All hair types, All skin types, Face care, Body care, Conditioner, Massage, Hair products, Sun care, Soap, Shampoo, Hair care


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